Stretched canvas cladding or dressing

Original, effective and economical facades

There are many reasons for using canvas cladding or plain canvas dressing on new or renovated buildings. This is a fully-fledged construction material that enables buildings to blend into their environments while isolating it from rain, wind and sun, providing discretion and serving as a communication tool.

Multiple solutions

The membranes can be solid or netted, impervious to light or translucent and feature printing or remain bare. They are ideal for all types of buildings (sports, services, industrial, supermarkets, schools and universities and so on).

Quality design

ACS Production's design and engineering office studies canvas and the load-bearing structure (tubing, aluminium frames, etc.). A note of calculations for inspections offices is compiled for all canvasses and structures.

Examples of textile facades:

Facades for sports buildings: Showcasing the image of the disciplines, the club's logo or the local authority's crest. Implementation of translucent canvas for better illuminated and more economical buildings (e.g. the Cagnes sur Mer horse racing track).
Modular building facades: Implementation of printed canvas on one or more modular buildings (piling) for temporary use (e.g. the 'birch forest' at Jussieu University in Paris and Charles le Chauve High School in Roissy  en Brie).
Public building facades: Implementation of netted and printed canvas for building dressing that provides protection from harsh weather (e.g. Avignon air parking lot)