Background and expertise


Founded in 1989 in Montoir de Bretagne (Loire-Atlantique), very close to the port of Saint-Nazaire, ACS Production ascended to a new level in 1992 when it became part of the BHD Group, the leader in France for the production of technical fabrics.
Across 5 continents ACS Production manages projects in all areas of textile architecture (sports buildings, stadium stands, swimming pools, playground canopies, shelters, awnings, covered passages, stretched ceilings, facade claddings, etc.).
With its own canvas and structure (timber and steel) design and engineering office that is equipped with the latest computer tools, ACS Production is able to meet all demands.
Recognised around the world for the uniqueness and audacity of its creations, ACS Production possesses all of the vital technical and human assets needed to succeed in its business, plus a comprehensive know-how concerning:

  • Compilation of complete studies (calculation notes, canvas and structure vertical loads distribution, geometrical cutting drawings, membrane manufacturing drawings, metallic structure execution drawings),
  • Manufacture of steel, stainless steel, timber and aluminium structures,
  • Manufacture of membranes (workshops in Bordeaux, Montoir de Bretagne and Le Mans),
  • Implementation of the whole structure in France and abroad.


Equipped with the finest computer tools and teams of operators who are active all over the world, ACS has been designing and producing turn-key stretched canvas creations for 20 years.
It actively listens to, and directly collaborates with, its customers: owners, shipyards, architects and contractors.
ACS cooperates with the major shipbuilding yards throughout the world and has installed stretched canvasses on more than 100 cruise liners during their construction. Since 2000, thanks to its experience with liners, ACS has expanded its activities to incorporate liner refits and it has already fitted out more than 40 in close collaboration with owners, architects and contractors.
Renowned throughout the world for the audacity and uniqueness of its work, ACS has been able to equip itself with all the technical and human assets required to excel in its trade: creativity, mobility and responsiveness combined with the comprehensive knowledge of:

  • The pre-project and design phase,
  • Producing studies (calculation notes, vertical loads distribution of canvas and structures, geometrical cutting drawings, membrane manufacturing drawings, metal execution drawings, etc.),
  • Manufacturing steel, stainless steel, aluminium and teak structures,
  • Manufacture of membranes,
  • Implementation of the whole structure in France and abroad.
Textile canopy on a stairway by ACS Production, sun shade structure, tensioned fabric canopy
sun shade structure on cruise ship by ACS Production textile architecture awning canopy
Tensioned Fabric ceilings ACS Production textile architecture sun shades