couverture terrain de sport acs production en toile souple Ferrari
couverture terrain de sports en membrane souple Ferrari réalisé npar ACS Production
Fabric architecture for multi sports playgrounds by ACS Production Sun shade Tetile Architecture with Ferrari fabric
couverture terrains de sports en toile souple Ferrari par ACS Production

The covered area at the Marcoussis National Rugby Centre (91) is a representative example of the merits of using textile covering. Especially well-suited to sporting pursuits, the translucent membrane allows the penetration of zenithal light without causing blooming. Moreover, its lightness makes it ideal for covering large sports arenas (large clear spans, offset frames, etc.).
This construction was designed in 2001 by the Ferret architect's firm and features a mixed steel and glued-laminated timber frame and a textile membrane produced by ACS Production. Thanks to this cover, the national rugby team of France has a 50m x 60m training pitch in good conditions throughout all season.
We can cover all types of sports venue, including basketball courts, football pitches, skateboard parks, bowling alleys, etc.