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ETFE is a new material

It represents an interesting alternative to conventional textile architecture techniques.
Its technical features mean it enriches traditional architectural projects and also opens new possibilities for creating structures requiring very high in-take of natural light. UV rays penetrate the film at a rate of 96%.
Transparent and light (around 350g per m2) ETFE can easily be incorporated into projects and is simple to install.
The know-how that ACS Production has amassed over the years and our range of internal expertise (design and engineering office, fitting team, technical and logistical department, production capacity) enable us to offer our clients a highly useful alternative to traditional solutions.

ETFE technical characteristics:

It has a density of 1.7, making it lighter than glass (d=2.5). It transmits lights more efficiently and costs 24% to 70 % less.
It can support up to 400 times its own weight.
It is highly resistant to wear.
It resists extreme temperatures (from -80 to 155 °C).
So it can prove the ideal solution in projects involving the creation or renovation of facades, implementation of storage buildings, multi-purpose rooms, awnings, atrium covers, toll booths or cladding and covers for sports stands or multi-sports venues, etc.
It is also very valuable in agriculture when making greenhouses. Its 'cushions' structure means it can achieve excellent heat insulation performances while retaining its impressive translucent properties.
NB: The stadium structure featured in the sample photos was not built by ACS Production.