Couverture d'un double terrain de tennis en toile tendue Ferrari par ACS Production
Tennis court covered by a tensile membrane structure by ACS Production
Terrain de tennis couvert par ACS Production
Fabric architecture to cover 2 tennis courts by ACS Production textile and metal structure
couvrir un cours de tennis en toile tendue permet de protéger le terrain de tennies et de garder la lumière naturelle ACS Production
Couverture de tennis pas ACS Production

ACS Production a réalisé ce Tennis couvert en Loire Atlantique

ACS Production a réalisé ce tennis avec le cabinet Spoutnik architecture
Cinq courts de tennis couverts en toile tendue sur structure bois par ACS Production avec Spoutnik Architecture

ACS Production produces covers for tennis courts.

We deliver turn-key solutions. From making the structure to building and fitting the canvas, ACS brings even the most audacious projects into being.

Great architectural quality

In-house design and engineering office
Irrespective of the material used, ACS PRODUCTION performs the studies of the structure and canvas and offers you technical solutions in tune with the rules of the art.

Personalised shapes,

Attractive and sober, textile architecture allows for shapes that are not possible with other materials.
Light, overhead covers..,
The use of technical textiles and the low quantity of supporting structure makes the creation light. Produced exclusively in double reverse camber in accordance with the finest industry practices, the covering canvas is non-removable and long-lasting. It retains its qualities and properties for more than 25 years.

Unrivalled comfort

Spectators in the light...,
Without darkening the covered area the membrane comes between the light and heat to create a bright, sheltered area.
Temperate stands..,
The membrane is a cold material that does not transmit heat under-surface, ensuring that spectators do not suffer from oppressive heat.