In-house design and engineering office

Design and engineering office ACS Production BHD Group specialist in metal and textile architecture

All our creations adhere to the rules of the trade as set out in the specifications document entitled 'Recommendations for the design of permanent textile-covered structures', which was drafted in 1997 by the professionals of the textile architecture industry. It was amended in 1998 and then again in 2007 in order to guarantee that our customers benefit from optimal quality and safety.
Our in-house design and engineering office in ACS includes:
- 1 Technical director
- 2 Technical assistants
- 1 Design engineer
- 2 Structure calculators
- 1 Designer
- 6 Chief draughtsmen
- 1 Estimator/quantity surveyor
The 12 assembly technicians are supervised by 4 team leaders and operate all over the world. Speed and precision are the watch words.
The design and engineering office is involved in all stages of the design process for the production:
- Permanent covers (urban, sporting, logistics, artistic infrastructures, etc.)
- Shelters, awnings and canopies
- Textile facades
- Stretched ceilings
The role of the design and engineering office is to set the fixture method and the degree of stretching of the textile membranes, their size with respect to the constraints specific to each project. Thereby it collaborates with the architects and local authorities teams.