Stretched ceilings

Copie de Plafonds tendus 2 acs production
Stretched Canvas Ceiling by ACS Production textile architecture
Stretched fabric ceiling by ACS Production


Stretched canvas ceilings

Put your passengers even more at ease by concealing the pipes that snake across ceilings by fitting stretched canvas ceilings. Whether the frames are made of teak, of painted steel or painted aluminium, they blend harmoniously with any ceiling arrangement. Spotlights or sprinklers can be fitted through the stretched canvas.
The technique may seem simple but the exceptional conditions make installing stretched canvas ceilings on a ship especially challenging: the canvas is exposed to the wind that swishes below deck, absorbs the vibrations and movements of the ship and must interface with the other building features - all of which amounts to parameters that the designers and fitters must factor in. This know-how is perfectly mastered by the teams of ACS Production.