Stretched ceilings

Textile architecture: flexible to use

The membrane's flexibility and resistance means it can adapt to all the implementation constraints that large complex structures are subject to, including light, smoke extraction and so on.

Textile architecture: a technical choice

The light weight of canvas makes it ideal for all kinds of big structures, as it permits ventilation while offering great resistance to humidity and heat.

Textile architecture: an aesthetic choice

Canvas makes it possible to fit primary surface components in all shapes, and enables slopes and curves.

Total safety
The canvasses used comply with the prevailing European standards for Buildings open to the Public (BoP).

Textile architecture: applications

Sports hall
Renovation of the St Ave sports hall. Dressing for the entire interior structure featuring a batyline canvas starting 2.5m from the floor, with the local authority's logo printed on it. This process achieves optimal acoustic insulation.
CHR (Cafés, Hotels and Restaurants) and Open-air catering
Public buildings, urban infrastructure
Train stations, airports, cinemas, media library and the Tarmac room in Châteauroux-Déols.