Sun shade canopy for school playground by ACS Production in Pluneret France
Tensile fabric playground cover by ACS Production textile roof sun shade
Préau en forme de dôme réalisé en toile tendue par ACS Production group BHD
Préau de Malville

Standard or tailor-made covers

ACS Production offers a range of standard or tailor-made playground textile covers that are ideal for ensuring the comfort and well-being of pupils and teachers.

Multi-purpose covers

These can serve a variety of functions and provide a covered area for all sorts of activities (playground, sports or recreation, meetings, exhibitions, etc.). Textile architecture offers many possibilities of design.

The advantages of canvas or textile membranes

Translucent membranes do not darken the covered area but do mitigate the effects of the sun while creating a sheltered, fresh and bright space.

The guarantee of a metal and textile design and engineering office

All of our playground covers are studied to ensure they take full account of snow and wind factors and the specific conditions of the site. The use of PVC membranes with metal, timber or mixed frames enables us to provide a 10-year guarantee for structures that we build.