Bandstands canopies

Tensile fabric structure for bandstand by ACS Production Textile Architecture Sun shade
Sun shade awning for stage by ACS Production canopy Tensile membrane structure
Copie de Bandstands2 acs production
Stretched canvas structure for bandstand by ACS Production

Tensile structures for open-air concerts whatever the weather

It is vital to be able to stage events and activities on cruise ships in order to attract passengers and stages are installed to host music groups and other artists. However, two elements can sabotage the success of these events, namely: the sun and the rain.
When the sun is at its zenith, the stifling heat on ships' upper decks, or the tropical rain, can quickly become unbearable. So it is important to provide covering for the artists' stage, a stretched canvas allowing them to continue their performance in total serenity.

Original designs made possible by stretched canvas

ACS's stretched canvas structures confer a certain well-being on artists by offering them original designs that chime with the general decoration of the deck. Shapes are developed in close collaboration with the architects.